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Thursday April 27, 2017
23:13Intel projects decline in chip prices, and AMD's Ryzen is one reason
Intel is forecasting a 'slight decline' in its premium chip prices for the remainder of the year, and AMD's Ryzen chips could have played a part in that.Prices of Intel's chips in both desktops and laptops went up in the first quarter. ...   PC World
21:15Microsoft 3Q17: Cloud, Office, Windows strong, Surface slumps
(credit: Julien GONG Min) In its third quarter of its 2017 financial year, Microsoft posted revenue of $22.1 billion, up 8 percent year-on-year, with an operating income of $5.6 billion, up 6 percent on a year ago, net income of $5.7 billion, up 28 percent, and earnings per share of $0.61, an increase of 30 percent over the same quarter a year ago. ...   Ars Technica
21:07Google Cloud growth is outpacing the company's ad business
Google is still an advertising company, but the tech titan’s cloud business is growing faster than its advertising revenue. That’s one of the key take-aways from the company’s first quarter earnings report released Thursday. ...   PC World
21:05Lawsuit: Fox News group hacked, surveilled, and stalked ex-host Andrea ...
Andrea Tantaros claims that she was stalked and harassed by multiple Twitter accounts that were coordinated by Fox News executives after she filed a sexual harassment suit. Her new lawsuit also claims that Fox had her computer hacked for spying purposes. ...   Ars Technica
20:30Ars Technica Live: Why it’s important to defend hackers, even the not...
Ars Live #12, filmed by Chris Schodt and produced by Jennifer Hahn. (video link)On June 13, 2017, Mark Jaffe is set to appear before the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco to argue on behalf of his client, journalist Matthew Keys. ...   Ars Technica
20:16Hands on with the unusual Acer Predator Triton 700 gaming laptop
To prove it's going big in PCs, Acer held a product launch event at world's largest IMAX screen in New York City. It made a big statement with the Predator Triton 700, a super-thin laptop with some unusual features.At first glance, the Triton 700 looks like any other thin gaming laptop. The surprises start when you open it up. The keyboard and touchpad trade locations. ...   PC World
20:05Inside Formula E’s push for ever-better electric motors with Andretti...
Enlarge (credit: LAT Images / Formula E via Getty Images) Now in its third season, Formula E has yet to shake some of its detractors. Sure, the batteries in each car aren't sufficient to complete an entire race distance, but the series is packed with talent, and the racing is pretty good. It's now also getting a lot of interest from OEMs and electric vehicle startups. ...   Ars Technica
20:0514% off iRobot Roomba 960 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner - Deal Alert
Roomba 960 seamlessly navigates room to room to clean an entire level of your home, recharging itself after working for up to 75 minutes, and then resuming until the job is done. Featuring the revolutionary AeroForce Cleaning System, Roomba 960 delivers up to 5x the air power and requires less maintenance. ...   PC World
19:27Throttling of websites and online services might help customers, FCC...
(credit: Elliott Brown) You can now start filing public comments on the Federal Communications Commission plan to eliminate net neutrality rules. The FCC today opened the docket, titled 'Restoring Internet Freedom.' Clicking 'New Filing' takes you to a form for uploading documents, while an 'Express' filing lets you write a brief comment without uploading a document. ...   Ars Technica
19:20Russian-controlled telecom hijacks financial services’ Internet traffic
Enlarge / A map that visualizes network changes being announced by Rostelecom. (credit: BGPmon) On Wednesday, large chunks of network traffic belonging to MasterCard, Visa, and more than two dozen other financial services companies were briefly routed through a Russian government-controlled telecom under unexplained circumstances that renew lingering questions about the trust and reliability ...   Ars Technica
19:04Acer's Aspire GX comes out of nowhere to be the first prebuilt Ryzen...
When AMD launched its disruptive Ryzen processors earlier this year, none of the major prebuilt PC makers were on board. Sure, AMD’s press release included canned quotes from Dell, HP, and Lenovo executives talking up their excitement about the CPUs, but thus far, Ryzen (and AM4 motherboard) availability has been limited to DIY hardware and systems from boutique PC builders like Origin PC ...   PC World
19:02New analysis relocates the “hobbitî on the human family tree
Enlarge / Artist's impression of the hobbit. (credit: Katrina Kenny, SA Museum) The story of how modern humans got to be where we are is constantly changing as new evidence is found. This often forces us to confront the idea that we aren’t as unique as we thought, as we find evidence of behaviors like tool use further and further back in our family tree. ...   Ars Technica
18:55Acer debuts see-through trackpad gaming laptop and a slew of...
New products at Acer's event. Video shot and edited by Jennifer Hahn. (video link) NEW YORK—Acer's big press conference last year brought new Chromebooks for work, a new Aspire laptop, and a tablet for the elderly. This year, the company focused on machines that appeal to every level of gamer as well as those of us who want a laptop that won't break the bank. ...   Ars Technica
18:44Hands-on with Acer's Swift 5, a liquid-cooled Surface rival that runs...
Microsoft has set the gold standard for tablet-style 2-in-1 devices with its Surface Pro, and other PC vendors have followed suit with their own designs. Acer’s latest Surface-style device, the Switch 5, offers a couple of advantages but lacks in other areas.I had a chance to play with the Switch 5 at an Acer event in New York City, where new PCs and tablets were announced. ...   PC World
18:16FCC asks whether to 'keep, modify, or eliminate' net neutrality rules
A U.S. Federal Communications Commission proposal to scrap the foundation for its own 2015 net neutrality rules nevertheless asks for public comment on whether it should 'keep, modify, or eliminate' basic protections.FCC Chairman Ajit Pai's proposal, announced Wednesday, would remove the FCC's two-year-old classification of broadband as a broadly regulated, telecom-like service. ...   PC World
18:00When to defrag a hard drive, TRIM an SSD and perform other storage...
We still get quite a few questions about when and how to optimize storage devices. Easy answer: The care and feeding of storage devices is either taken care of automatically by Windows, or it's simply unnecessary. Mostly.[Have a tech question? Send your query to ...   PC World
17:37Senior official: NASA will delay first flight of new SLS rocket until...
Enlarge / We now know for sure that NASA's SLS rocket will not take flight in 2017. (credit: NASA) NASA has decided it must delay the maiden flight of its Space Launch System rocket, presently scheduled for November 2018, until at least early 2019. This decision was widely expected due to several problems with the rocket, Orion spacecraft, and ground launch systems. ...   Ars Technica
17:31Acer's new Holo 360 is a 360-degree camera in a smartphone
The effort to grow in the virtual reality market has Acer chasing weird, but rather interesting, devices.The company introduced the Holo 360 camera, which is first and foremost a 360-degree camera. It can capture 3D content, much like other 360-degree cameras, and could be used to capture, view, and create content for VR headsets. ...   PC World
17:20Report: Apple wants to let you exchange money with your friends
Enlarge / Apple's Craig Federighi talks up Apple Pay on the Web. (credit: Andrew Cunningham) Rumors about an Apple-backed peer-to-peer payments system that could compete with services like Square Cash, PayPal's Venmo, and Google Wallet have been floating around for years. ...   Ars Technica
17:02Cloudflare launches service to secure IoT devices from external hacks
Many people are worried about putting smart internet-connected devices in their homes or offices because of flaws that could allow attackers into their private networks.Web optimization and security firm Cloudflare is trying to alleviate those fears with a new service that could allow internet-of-things manufacturers to protect devices from attacks and deploy patches much quicker. ...   PC World
16:53Uber pleads with judge to move Waymo case into arbitration
Enlarge / An Uber driverless Ford Fusion in Pittsburgh in 2016. (credit: Photo by Jeff Swensen/Getty Images) SAN FRANCISCO—Uber's love for arbitration is well-known, and it has sought to move its disputes with drivers into that more private forum. ...   Ars Technica
16:45Was Uber’s CEO really the second-best Wii Sports tennis player?
Enlarge / 'The court is empty because all potential competitors are scared to face me.' (credit: Aurich Lawson) Last weekend's New York Times profile of Uber CEO Travis Kalanick had plenty of important revelations about Kalanick and the company he runs, both of which have been facing some tough PR lately. ...   Ars Technica
16:05Punching holes in nomx, the world’s “most secureî communications protoc
Enlarge / Artist's impression of a nomx product under the scrutiny of security researchers. (credit: Aurich/ThinkStock/Nomx) This article was originally published on Scott Helme's blog and is reprinted here with his permission. I was recently invited to take part in some research by BBC Click, alongside Professor Alan Woodward, to analyze a device that had quite a lot of people all excited. ...   Ars Technica
16:00The Google Assistant SDK will let you run the Assistant on anything
Enlarge / Build your own Google Home with the Assistant SDK. Today Google is launching yet another Google Assistant feature: the Google Assistant SDK. This will allow developers to run the Google Assistant on their own hardware prototypes. ...   Ars Technica
16:00Google eyes massive AI expansion with new Assistant SDK
You might say 2017 is the year of Assistant. While Google’s AI chatbot launched last year, it’s really come into form over the past few months, with an array of third-party actions, support for all Marshmallow and Nougat phones, Android Wear integration, and most recently, the ability to access millions of recipes. But now it’s ready to take the biggest leap of all. ...   PC World
15:53Acer's Nitro 5 is a laptop that lets casual gamers get reckless
Acer’s Nitro 5 laptop is designed for the casual gamer who feels lucky. This person may not game often, and may never have tinkered with a PC’s cooling system (as many seasoned gamers have) to get maximum power without singeing precious CPUs or GPUs. ...   PC World
15:34Newegg has lowered the price of HP's Stream 11 Pro G2 to $180
Newegg has a nice deal today for a lightweight travel laptop, so long as you don't mind an 11-inch laptop form factor. For $180, you can pick up the HP Laptop Stream 11 Pro G2. Newegg's official sale price is $210 (down from $240), but if you apply the code EMCSRECG5 at checkout, the price drops to $180.This is a daily deal and expires just before midnight Thursday or when supplies run out. ...   PC World
15:30Next-generation Xeons to come in “Goldî and “Platinumî versions
Intel Skylake die shot. (credit: Intel) While Intel's desktop and laptop processors are using the latest generation Kaby Lake core, the multisocket high-end Xeon processors, used in servers and workstations, are still using the much older Broadwell core. The full range is due to be refreshed soon, with a whole range of new chips using a derivative of the Skylake core. ...   Ars Technica
15:23Acer's Predator X27 G-Sync HDR monitor is infused with every feature...
After teasing it at CES in January, Acer pulled back more of the curtain on one of the most badass, feature-filled PC monitors ever at the company’s Next@Acer event in New York on Thursday: the beastly Predator X27. ...   PC World
15:19BlackBerry’s last internally designed phone comes out at the end of May
Ron Amadeo It's the end of another era for BlackBerry. Its last internally designed phone, the BlackBerry KeyOne, will be available for preorder in Canada on May 18 and released in Canada and the US on May 31. ...   Ars Technica
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Friday April 28, 2017
06:44Ueberschall releases Chillstep (Elastik soundbank)
Ueberschall has announced the release of Chillstep, a new Melodic Dubstep soundbank for their free Elastik Player. Chillstep takes the mellow musical tastes of chill and lounge music and seasons [Read More]   KVR Audio
06:30Homegrown Sounds releases Motion for Kontakt with a Group Buy
Homegrown Sounds has released Motion, an advanced vector synthesizer for Kontakt designed to create evolving landscapes and atmospheres with little effort due to a series of 8 tuned global randomizers [Read More]   KVR Audio
Thursday April 27, 2017
18:43Monocasual Laboratories updates Giada to v0.13. ...
Monocasual Laboratories has updated Giada to v0.13.4, codename 'Gimbal Lock', for Windows, Linux and OS X. The release offers an improved MIDI editing experience, especially on the Piano Roll [Read More]   KVR Audio
09:27Detunized releases Cappa Duemila Live Pack and Universal Instrument...
Detunized has announced the release of Cappa Duemila as a Live Pack and a Universal Instrument library. Cappa Duemila features a selection of producer Jacob Korn's favourite sound sets from an [Read More]   KVR Audio
08:33Le Sound By AudioGaming releases Reshape - Gesture-based multi-effect...
Le Sound By AudioGaming has announced the release of Reshape, a touch-to-play sound design tool based on exploring gesture usage to give new expression means to sound creators. It comes in 2 [Read More]   KVR Audio
08:31audioD3CK updates o-clip for Mac & Win to v1.8 and announces sale
audioD3CK has updated o-clip to v1.8. Changes: Added new clipping algorithms (noisy, clean, cleanII). Brought ceiling control to main UI. Improved inline help system. Many other UI improvements. [Read More]   KVR Audio
08:16Vienna Symphonic Library releases Synchron Percussion I - Multi Audio...
Vienna Symphonic Library has announced the release of a new library of orchestral percussion instruments: Synchron Percussion I was recorded at the company's newly revitalized scoring stage, [Read More]   KVR Audio
08:01Roland releases GO:MIXER Compact Audio Mixer for Smartphones
Roland has announced the availability of GO:MIXER, a compact audio mixer for smartphone video production. Compatible with iOS and Android smartphones, GO:MIXER connects digitally via an included [Read More]   KVR Audio
07:44Image Line releases vectorial (and bug-fix) updates for many plug-ins
Image Line has announced vectorial (and bugfix) updates for the following VST plugins: Autogun. DrumSynth Live. Edison. Gross Beat. Harmless. Harmor. Juice Pack. Maximus. Ogun. Slicex. Sytrus. [Read More]   KVR Audio
07:36UVI releases Digital Synsations Vol. 2 - 3-Instrument Suite of Digital ...
UVI has released Digital Synsations Vol. 2, a 3-instrument suite picking up where the first library left off, delivering over 500 new patches designed on vintage digital synthesizers from [Read More]   KVR Audio
07:22lmdsp updates Superchord to 1.0.2 with new pricing
lmdsp has updated Superchord to version 1.0.2. The price is now 99€, down from the original 149€. This free maintenance update includes the following improvements and bug fixes: Refined user [Read More]   KVR Audio
07:00Best Service updates Chris Hein Solo Violin to v1.2 - Now With Two...
Best Service has announced that Chris Hein Solo Violin has been updated to v1.2, now with two different violins. Naomi and Chris Hein decided to record another violin: 'The Italian Violin'. Chris [Read More]   KVR Audio
Wednesday April 26, 2017
07:02Joey Sturgis Tones releases Soar Tape Delay Plugin for Mac & Win VST2, ...
Joey Sturgis Tones has announced the release of Soar, a tape delay plugin offering a hybrid approach to using tape delay in the box, combining features from both analog and digital delays. In [Read More]   KVR Audio
06:50apulSoft updates apTrigga3 to v3.3.0
apulSoft has updated apTrigga3 to v3.3.0. Changes: 10-step undo/redo support. The retrigger algorithm (threshold independent triggering) has been much improved. Added numerical displays for [Read More]   KVR Audio
06:24Autodafe releases Mega Drum Machines AU/VST for Mac and Windows
Autodafe has announced the release of Mega Drum Machines, the Mac/Win Version of the Mega Drum Machines Collection for Kontakt. After the success of the original Kontakt library, an AU/VST version [Read More]   KVR Audio
Tuesday April 25, 2017
21:13J74 updates Progressive (Max for Live device set) to v4.0
J74 has updated the Max for Live device Progressive to version 4.0. The new version adds additional editing possibilities such as clip snapshots, pitch shuffle, beat shuffle, modifiers for suspended [Read More]   KVR Audio
15:44Volko Audio releases free Q3D Rack Mount EQ Plugin (NTI Nightpro EQ3D...
Volko Audio has released Q3D, an emulation of the NTI Nightpro EQ3D rack mount equalizer. This 6 band eq has an extremely wide Q. One of the bands is AIR that is a hi shelf filter. You can change [Read More]   KVR Audio
11:16Hidenori Matsuoka updates Guitar Kit for iOS to v6.6
Hidenori Matsuoka has updated Guitar Kit to v6.6 for iOS. This update includes numerous improvements. Especially the layout engine drastically changed. Changes: Supported Landscape mode for [Read More]   KVR Audio
08:26PreSonus announces Quantum - Flagship Thunderbolt Interface
PreSonus has announced the 26x32-channel Quantum, its fastest and best-sounding audio/MIDI interface, taking advantage of the high-speed Thunderbolt 2 bus and a no-frills, direct-to-DAW signal [Read More]   KVR Audio
08:23Matthieu Brucher releases ATKStereoUniversalDelay 1.0. ...
Matthieu Brucher has released version 1.0.0 of ATKStereoUniversalDelay, a free and Open Source stereo delay plug-in, for 64-bit Mac OS X (10.11 minimum) and Windows (32 and 64-bit) in VST2, VST3 [Read More]   KVR Audio
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Thursday April 27, 2017
10:37Harmonicdog releases MultiTrack DAW v4.3.3
iPhone, iPad / Portable Studio / MultiTracks: The power of a digital audio workstation in the palm of your hand. Release your creativity with up to 24 high quality audio tracks. Record multiple takes, harmonies, solos, and experiments. No more worrying about bouncing - each instrument can have...   440Software
05:56Manoj Kunthu releases Guitarina - Guitar in a Phone v2.0
iPhone, iPad / Instruments / Guitars: A virtual guitar for you. The chords, it knows more than a few. Play with your headphones on, until your battery's gone, or even while taking a poo.   440Software
01:15WebPractice releases Arban Study No. 1 v2.0.0
iPhone, iPad / Education / Training: Arban Characteristic Study No. 1 - Play along with the performance. Slow it down, choose to practise a few bars over and over again until you’re practice perfect. So convenient to have it in your Phone or iPad. This iconic study has been practised and...   440Software
Wednesday April 26, 2017
20:34DMYTRO DENYS releases Organ v1.8.1
iPhone, iPad / Instruments / Others: Organ is full 88 keys virtual organ designed specifically for the iPad & iPhone. You can now play the organ on your device everywhere! Features: • 88 keys • 12 instruments • Key labels (C-D-E, do-re-mi, Ă?´Ă?Âľ-Ñ€Ă?µ-Ă?ÂĽĂ?¸,...   440Software
17:22Massimo Biolcati releases GuitAfrica v1.2
iPhone, iPad / Education / Courses: '…I love it!…that’s the funkiest stuff ever!â€Â? - John Scofield 'GuitAfrica is a wonderful app: it enables you to discover the richness and beauty of Pan-African music. African guitar playing is a real science and GuitAfrica gives you its...   440Software
14:45MusicTheory releases Theory Lessons v2.5
iPhone, iPad / Education / Courses: Theory Lessons features 39 music theory lessons from, presented in their original animated versions. Complete lesson list: • The Staff, Clefs, and Ledger Lines • Note Duration • Measures and Time Signature • Rest...   440Software
12:07Xiao Yixiang releases Guitar Toolkit v3.0.6
iPhone, iPad / Tools / ToolBox: EUMLab's Guitar Master is an all-in-one toolkit for aspiring guitar players: 1. Professional tuner. 2. Extremely precise metronome. 3. Strumming patterns. 4. 157 drum loops to jam along with. 5. 108 different scales, from Jazz to Japanese! 6. Interactive chord...   440Software
Tuesday April 25, 2017
17:23Michael Szekeres releases Flexible Metronome v1.5
iPhone, iPad / Tools / Metronomes: Basics: Flexible Metronome contains basic metronome functionality playing clicks from 20 up to 300 bpm. Start and stop the metronome by tapping the top area, panning changes tempo. Flexible Training Patterns: Design custom training patterns, containing multiple...   440Software
14:47Fonexsis releases Sweep Picking Guitar Arpeggios v3.0
iPhone, iPad / Education / Training: Arpeggio is considered to be the most outstanding lick in the world of instrumental skills. Niccolo Paganini used to amaze his listeners by the magic of arpeggios performance as on a violin, so on a guitar. His Capricci achieved the world fame. From those times...   440Software
12:11Music Breath, OOO releases FM Synthesizer Pro v2.0.2
iPhone, iPad / Instruments / Synthesizers: Create your own sounds and melodies Multiple adjustable parameters Become the best EDM producer HOW TO USE: You can change form of sound wave, volume and frequency. Two ADSR Envelope modules and LFO allows adding and adjusting special dub step effects....   440Software
01:46Christian Schnellmann releases AUX B v1.2.5
iPhone, iPad / Misc / Unclassifiable: At the B-Sides Music Festival in Lucerne, Switzerland tons of audio equipment is connected with cables. If only one of these cables is not plugged in correctly, the loudspeakers remain silent. In AUX B you are tasked with connecting the right cables. Bring the...   440Software
Monday April 24, 2017
23:10Performance Audio releases Tone Generator Pro v3.0
iPhone, iPad / Tools / Analysis: Tone Generator Pro automagically creates perfect Sine Waves, Square Waves, Triangle Waves, Sawtooth Waves, Reverse Sawtooth Waves, White Noise and Pink Noise! It's true, you can utilize these amazing tools for many day to day activities, such as: Testing Speakers...   440Software
17:03Meldora Inc. releases Melobase v1.8.0
iPhone, iPad / Portable Studio / MultiTracks: Enjoy your own music with Melobase, a creativity tool for recording, listening to and organizing your own musical sequences. Melobase is a client-server solution featuring a database, a sequencer for recording and playing back your music, a metronome...   440Software
14:06On Beat Limited releases Finger Drums v3.0
iPhone, iPad / Instruments / Drums: Finger Drums is three amazing drum kits on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Choose from three amazing professionally recorded drum kits - rock, hip hop or dance. You can also play along with any songs on your music library. And the best of all - it's...   440Software
11:09M-Live releases Grinta Karaoke PRO v2.8
iPhone, iPad / Portable Studio / MultiTracks: M-Live has created an app that turns your iPad into a complete karaoke station, capable of playing MIDI* (by connecting an iPad compatible external sound module) files with text, MP3 with text, and the popular format MP3+G. With Grinta Karaoke PRO your...   440Software
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