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Monday March 20, 2023
09:45HP Dragonfly Pro review: You better watch your back, Apple
At a glanceExpert's Rating ProsPremium materialsPowerful AMD Ryzen chipSurprising four speaker setupGood battery lifeHigh degree of value for the dollarConsAll myHP keyboard keys should be remappableNo user upgradeable componentsNo headphone jackOnly 2 high-speed USB-C portsOur VerdictDid HP build a MacBook Pro killer just for freelancers? We’ve all been there—chilling at ...   PC World
09:30I switched from LastPass to Bitwarden and I’m not going back
People are creatures of habit. Nerds, doubly so. That’s why we all had that one job that was still using a DOS inventory management program on its computers well after 2000, and it’s why we’re still getting Pokemon games while some of the original “gotta catch ’em all” generation are now grandparents. ...   PC World
07:00xTiles makes big projects easier
Whether you’re managing a team, working on a long writing project, or building a computer, you need an underlying skill set to make sure you finish the project in a timely manner. For most of us, however, that skill set doesn’t come naturally. ...   PC World
Sunday March 19, 2023
07:00Test your luck of the Irish with this puzzle that pays up to $1 million
St. Patrick’s Day is associated with green, luck, and beer, among other things. If you feel your luck has been a little short this year, then pay attention because we’re giving you a chance to turn it around. This St. Patrick’s Day, you could win up to $1 million when you play The 2 Million Dollar Puzzle. ...   PC World
Saturday March 18, 2023
07:00Get your first month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for just $5
If you’re a console gamer, you know it just isn’t the same playing alone when the whole connected world of play exists. The best way to get more out of your experience if you’re an Xbox gamer is with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and right now, we’re offering a one-month subscription for just $5. ...   PC World
Friday March 17, 2023
16:30Windows 11 may be slowing down your SSD again
Does your PC feel slow today? Microsoft is reporting that the latest update to Windows 11 may be slowing down copying files on your PC’s SSD, yet again. In the support notes attached to the Windows 11 2022 Update (in this case, build 22621.1413), Microsoft says that big, multi-gigabyte file transfers may be slower than usual because of a bug that Microsoft is working to fix. ...   PC World
15:00Attention printer freeloaders: Your mooching days are over
Printers are dead. No one buys them anymore and no one even needs them. At least, that’s what you people say. By “you people,” I mean, you people who don’t buy or “use” printers anymore. Well I got news for you: We all got together last night and decided that your days of freeloading are finally over. ...   PC World
14:56The hilarious ‘Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep’ is free on Steam...
If you’ve never played Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, the D&D-style adventure game from the folks that brought you Borderlands, you’re seriously missing out. The writing is beyond hilarious and, let’s be honest, there’s nothing more fun than slapping your enemies silly with a big honking salmon (aka the Slammin’ Salmon). ...   PC World
14:22Microsoft is sending free USB drives to Windows 11’s biggest fans
If you’re the kind of power user that simply must live on the bleeding edge of software, then Microsoft would like to reward you. Well, sort of: It wants to send you a free USB drive for trying out the latest “Canary” build of Windows 11, anyway. ...   PC World
13:59This lightning-fast 1440p Acer gaming monitor for $220 is an absolute...
Talk about a week of killer deals. First, it was the featherlight Microsoft Surface Pro X tablet on sale for $549. Now, it’s the Acer Predator XB3 gaming monitor, which is selling for just $219.99 on eBay. That’s a savings of $170, which is nothing to sneeze at. The specs on this 1440p monitor are really phenomenal for the price, so let’s dive right in. ...   PC World
13:44Razer will sell you a $100 piece of glass and call it a mousepad
Razer, the company that invented the RGB-infused “gaming” drink coaster, is no stranger to flamboyant designs. And it’s no stranger to charging a lot more for those designs than pretty much anyone else can get away with. ...   PC World
13:30Best gaming laptops under $1,000: Best overall, best battery life, and ...
Want to game but don’t have the cash to purchase a premium gaming laptop? No worries, there are a number of great budget options out there. Even budget gaming laptops nowadays can sport some pretty decent CPU and GPU performance. As with any budget option, you can expect to make some compromises such as dialing back those ultra graphics settings in order to hit the 60fps sweet spot. ...   PC World
12:00Sony DualSense controller review: A gamepad from the future
At a glanceExpert's Rating ProsVery comfortable in the handHaptics and adaptive triggers are amazingBuilt-in speakerConsMore expensive than an Xbox controllerShort battery lifeLimited support on PCOur VerdictThe DualSense controller feels great, and features like adaptive triggers are a real game-changer. However, PC support is lacking. ...   PC World
09:30Sapphire Pulse Radeon RX 7900 XT review: No-fuss performance
At a glanceExpert's Rating ProsQuieter than reference modelExcellent 1440p and 4K gaming performanceDual HDMI outputs to go with dual DisplayPortsSimple, appealing design20GB of GDDR6 memoryBetter value than rival RTX 4070 TiCons7900 XT isn’t a great value compared to last-gen offerings still availableLarger than reference 7900 XTRay tracing performance is fine but lags far behind ...   PC World
07:00This pocket-sized tool is a spring cleaning asset
It might not feel like it, but spring is just around the corner. Right now is the perfect time to start prepping all of those big spring refresh and DIY projects you have. Whether you’re changing your linens, painting a room, or something else where color matters, the Nix Mini Color Sensor V2 will be an essential asset. ...   PC World
Thursday March 16, 2023
18:56Firefox’s new feature protects against email tracking and spam
Email masks let you hide your email address on the internet—whenever you sign up for a mailing list, website, or app, you pop a disposable alias into the form instead of your actual address. And soon you’ll be able to use a version of it directly from within Firefox. ...   PC World
16:57The Steam Deck gets its first-ever discount in the Steam Spring Sale
It’s been a year since Valve introduced its Steam Deck portable gaming PC, and the company has been selling every single unit it can make. But to celebrate the start of its Steam Spring Sale, the Steam Deck is getting its first-ever discount. All versions of the Steam Deck, including the $400 base model, are now 10 percent off for the duration of the sale. ...   PC World
15:00R-Drive Image 7.1 review: The best backup now supports VHD and WinPE
At a glanceExpert's Rating ProsSuper-reliable, fast disk and partition imagingFile and folder backupPartition managerLean-and-mean Linux and WinPE boot mediaSupports Microsoft’s nearly ubiquitous VHD formatConsWould like to see multiple destinations per jobOur VerdictQuick, easy, reliable… Version 7. ...   PC World
14:54Microsoft 365 Copilot uses AI superpowers to eliminate work drudgery
Microsoft launched its AI for Work initiatives on Thursday, a way of applying artificial intelligence to work tasks like automating the creation of PowerPoint presentations and other tasks where AI can step in, directed by your commands. It looks awesome. ...   PC World
14:08Nvidia’s DLSS 3 tech is coming to Diablo IV, The Finals, Redfall, and...
Nvidia’s new DLSS 3 Frame Generation technology, introduced alongside the GeForce RTX 40-series, is gaining traction seven times faster than DLSS 2 did, the company announced ahead of the annual Game Developers Conference today. And several high-profile games will soon hit the streets with DLSS 3 Frame Generation enabled on day one. ...   PC World
13:58Microsoft’s lightweight Surface Pro X tablet is a massive 62% off
To say I was shocked when I spotted this deal is an understatement. Microsoft’s Surface Pro X tablet, which typically costs $1,499.99 at full price, is on sale for $549 at Woot’s Amazon store. That’s a whopping 62 percent off of the original price. Not only does it weigh a measly 1.7 lbs, but it’s also surprisingly sturdy for such a portable device. ...   PC World
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Monday March 20, 2023
09:50The KVR Developer Challenge 2023 Is Now Live
It's March. It's been a couple of years since the last one. It's time. We are very excited to announce that the KVR Developer Challenge 2023, the ninth free-for-all audio plug-in / audio... Read More   KVR Audio
07:14discoDSP releases Discovery synth 5.3, Schroeder reverb 1.7, and Scope ...
The latest updates for Discovery 5.3, Schroeder 1.7, and Scope for iOS are now available with several bug fixes and improvements. The Discovery 5.3 update has resolved a significant... Read More   KVR Audio
Saturday March 18, 2023
21:26SonaMetro updates Guitar Notebook to 2.4 for Mac and iOS - Adds Sound...
SonaMetro has released Guitar Notebook 2.4 for iOS and MacOS. Guitar Notebook is an app for iPhone, iPad, and Mac that allows creative guitarists to capture their song ideas with simple... Read More   KVR Audio
Friday March 17, 2023
09:48Ueberschall releases new Complete Bundles (Elastik soundbanks)
Ueberschall just announced the release of three new Complete Bundles. These bundles now contain libraries that were released until March 2023 and offer a hefty discount of over 80% compared... Read More   KVR Audio
08:37Flandersh Tech releases Substitute - Free synth for Windows VST3
Flandersh Tech has released Substitute, a free VST3 synthesizer for Windows: Covering all the classical features of a subtractive synthesizer such as oscillators, filters,... Read More   KVR Audio
08:29Muletone Audio releases Brazilian Series: Surdo 2 and Bacurinha for...
Muletone Audio has released Brazilian Series: Surdo 2 and Bacurinha for Kontakt. Brazilian Series: Surdo 2 includes three.nki rhythms files with 3 different... Read More   KVR Audio
Thursday March 16, 2023
19:06The Free Plugin Mega List
The KVR Audio Product Database is arguably the most comprehensive resource for music producers, sound designers, and audio engineers looking for information on audio software and virtual... Read More   KVR Audio
Software Updates sites      Show / hide descriptions
Sunday March 19, 2023 releases Chromatic Tuner TN-1M v2.2.10
iPhone, iPad / Tools / Tuners: This is tuning meter for your practice. TN-1M detects the pitch of notes that picked up by a microphone, and it displays the difference from the right pitch. It is not only tuning but also suitable for training.?It's so easy to use.?High-precision,...   440Software
15:08MartianRover releases MIDI Opener v3.4
iPhone, iPad / Portable Studio / MidiFiles: The essential MIDI audio player for iPhone and iPad Open MIDI song files Set tempo to desired BPM Load custom SoundFont or DLS soundbanks Play and control songs in the background while using other apps Where to find MIDI files and soundbanks: Tap the...   440Software
09:16TRAN PHUONG releases Score Creator: compose music v9.6.2
iPhone, iPad / Education / Sheet Music & Tablatures: Score Creator is a music composition application that is specially designed for mobile platforms. It's a simple but powerful music creation tool that caters your need of writing music on the go. The app's user experience is completely...   440Software
03:24WADA Masashi releases MIDITrail v2.0.0
iPhone, iPad / Tools / Controllers: MIDITrail is a MIDI player which provides 3D visualization of MIDI data sets. You can enjoy not only listening but also viewing. MIDITrail supports Standard MIDI File (format 0/1), CoreMIDI, and multiple MIDI ports. MIDITrail is available for Windows, macOS and...   440Software
Saturday March 18, 2023
21:33Learn To Master releases Piano Ear Training Perfect Ear v16.4.1
iPhone, iPad / Education / Games, Ear Trainig: • Suitable for beginners to advanced musicians with all the essential ear training exercises in various levels. • Quickly develop aural skills by personalising your training by focusing on specific chords, intervals, progressions, scales etc. •...   440Software
16:16Nsaka ApS. releases Hindenburg Field Recorder v1.80
iPhone, iPad / Portable Studio / MultiTracks: Hindenburg Field Recorder is made with radio production in mind. It will work equally well for anyone conducting interviews for podcasts or research. It’s all about the story..... Create your interview in three simple steps: Step 1: Record...   440Software
06:48Icegear releases Lorentz - AUv3 Plugin Synth v2.5.14
iPhone, iPad / Instruments / Synthesizers: Lorentz is not only an analog modeling synthesizer, but also has a resonator that allows you to create metallic and distorted sounds. This makes it easy to create new synthesizer sounds with a resonator. Unstable and fluctuating oscillators have...   440Software
02:04Roel Spruit releases DrumLibrary v2.8
iPhone, iPad / Education / Training: DrumLibrary is a drummer's best friend. Drumlibrary puts Rudiments, Grooves, Breaks, Independence Exercises and a Metronome in your backpocket. Wether you're serious about drumming or just want to challenge yourself, this App will make you a better player....   440Software
Friday March 17, 2023
21:20TuinHok releases Violin Simple Songs v2.1
iPhone, iPad / Education / Training: 5 Simple Songs for the starting violin player. You can listen to the songs and play together with the iPad on the different strings. Choose the string on which you want to play your songs. The songs have been used by Anniek van Zweeden while teaching young...   440Software
09:16DS Vocology LLC releases SingPro v1.4.22
iPhone, iPad / Education / Training: By purchasing the iPad version, you will automatically have the Mac version unlocked for you to practice anywhere! Please email with your apple receipt and we will provide you with other device versions. SingPro is the first and only fully...   440Software
Thursday March 16, 2023, Inc. releases Play By Ear v1.17
iPhone, iPad / Education / Training: Play By Ear is a call-and-response ear training application that helps you develop the ability to hear pitches and play them back on your instrument by ear. Unlike other applications which force you to press buttons to indicate the notes you've heard, Play By...   440Software
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